HaloSpray™ All-Purpose Surface Disinfectant

HaloSpray All-Purpose Surface Disinfectant is an EPA approved broad-spectrum disinfectant formula that kills bacteria and viruses on pre-cleaned, hard, non-porous surfaces. HaloSpray is available in a convenient 32oz spray bottle to that is perfect for spot disinfecting room and equipment surfaces, and in a one gallon bottle for adjunct fogging with the HaloFogger®.

All-Purpose Surface Disinfectant :

  • EPA registered # 84526-1
  • Healthcare-grade, ready to use disinfectant -no mixing required.
  • Available in both 1-gallon and a 32 oz spray bottle.
  • Spray and walk away. No wipe, no rinse — reduces cross contamination associated with using rags or sponges.
  • Decomposes completely into water and oxygen.
  • No known bacterial resistance.
  • Does not contain chlorine, hypochlorite(bleach), alcohols, aldehydes, phenols, ammonium compounds, quats or sodium hydroxide.