Med Effect, Incorporated

Infection and Microorganism Control Company

What We Do

Med Effect, Inc. offers an innovative, leading edge hydrogen peroxide fogging system from Sanosil International that delivers powerful supplemental room surface disinfection using an EPA registered disinfectant, Sanosil S010. Used as a supplement to infection prevention measures, like manual cleaning, this fogging system kills 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and fungi found on pre-cleaned surfaces, including MRSA, Rhinovirus and H1N1, and is safe to use around electronic equipment.

Our Mission

Med Effect, Inc, headquartered in San Diego, California with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Ocala, Florida, is an infection and micro-
organism control company specializing in human health care facilities to include hospitals, surgical centers, and long term care facilities such as assisted living  and nursing homes.

We Provide

•    On site staffing and training service
•    Emergency fogging service
•    Comprehensive warranty and service
•    Disinfection validation programs

We offer the highest quality and most advanced infection and microorganism control technology. Learn More